BioReactor Simulator Complete System

03-0000-02-EU· Gas flow measurement in continuous mode

The BioReactor Simulator (BRS) is a universal platform for simulating anaerobic fermentation process...

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The BioReactor Simulator (BRS) is a universal platform for simulating anaerobic fermentation processes in a continuous mode of operation. The system is controlled by a web-based software running on a remote cloud solution.

A fully automated analytical device for gas production measurements

  • Used for continuous reaction modes
  • Reactors come with ports for suitable accessories
  • On-line gas measurement
  • Wide range gas flow measurement (1 to 6000 ml/h)
  • Significant reduction in time and labour
  • Automated data normalisation
  • Up to six samples
  • Allows for feeding and discharging of substrate

Innovative data registry 

  • Real-time, online data acquisition
  • High precision data registry and processing
  • Access your data and generate reports in the cloud
  • User-friendly operations with remote access

Included in the package

  • BRS main unit (ART NO 03-0201-01)
  • Thermostatic water bath (ART NO 01-0106-02)
  • Brushless DC motor kit 6 (ART NO 02-0103-01)
  • 2 x Tygon® tubing 6.4 / 3.2 mm (ART NO 01-0405-02)
  • Stirrer GL 45 2 l, package 6 (ART NO 02-0102-02)
  • 6 x Tubing clamp 6 mm (ART NO 01-0108-02)
  • 6 x CSTR-2G kit (ART NO 05-0103-02)
  • Thermostatic Water Bath Lid for 6 Bottles (ART NO 05-0102-01)
  • Number marker kit clamps (ART NO 01-0406-02)
  • Network cable 1.0 m (ART NO 01-0402-01)
  • Software (built in)
  • One-year international warranty

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Examples of application areas
Technical specifications
Working principle: liquid displacement and buoyancy
Up to 6 measurements running in parallel
Built-in pressure and temperature sensors
Measuring resolution: 9 ml
Measuring range: 1 to 6000 ml/h
Integrated data acquisition
Input voltage main unit: 12 V DC
Input voltage motor controller: 24 V DC
Input voltage thermostatic water bath: 110 or 220 V AC
Dimensions: 51 x 44 x 18 cm