Flow Cell Unit

12-0302-02· FCU for AMPTS III, GE, GE III, BPC Blue, and BPC Go

A single flow cell unit (FCU) as used in the BPC Core (AMPTS III, GE III, and BPC Blue) and BPC Go....

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Product information

A single flow cell unit (FCU) as used in the BPC Core (AMPTS III, GE III, and BPC Blue) and BPC Go.

Gas enters the water filled flow cell unit and is trapped until the lifting force is enough to trigger an opening of the flow cell. As the flow cell is opened, the gas is released and a hall sensor, located inside of the main unit, is triggered by the absence of the flow cells tip, which houses a magnet.

Each flow cell unit comes with a specific calibrated value that needs to be entered properly into the software of the main unit. 

2 ml cells are used for lower gas flows (<1500 ml/j) and 9 ml cells are used for higher gas volume flows (<6000 ml/h).

Note: This item cannot be used on its own. It can only be used as part of the BPC Core or/and BPC Go. The FCU alone will not register any data.

For package of 5, 6 and 15 flow cell units, please see flow cell unit, package 5 (ART NO 12-0309-01 OR 12-0309-02), flow cell unit, package 6 (ART NO 12-0307-01 OR ART NO 12-0307-02) and flow cell unit, package 15 (ART NO 12-0303-01 OR 12-0303-02) respectively.

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Technical specifications
Working principle: liquid displacement and buoyancy
Measuring resolution: 9 ml or 2 ml
Measuring range 2 ml: 0.2 - 1500 ml/h
Measuring range 9 ml: 1 - 6000 ml/h
Material, Housing: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) + Polycarbonate (PC) blend (Bayblend(r) T45 PG) and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) (Makrolon(r) 6557)
Material, Flow Cell 2ml: Makrolon(r) PC 2405 (Polycaprolactone) and Neodymium NdFeB (NiCuNi coating) magnet (N36)